About OPEN Alliance

The OPEN Alliance (One-Pair Ether-Net) Inc. is a non-profit, open industry alliance of mainly automotive industry and technology providers collaborating to encourage wide scale adoption of Ethernet-based networks as the standard in networking applications.


Founded in 2011, OPEN Alliance emerged with the idea of collaboration in the blossoming automotive Ethernet landscape. There was a gap in the industry that propelled its formation: a transparent space, governed by clear rules, for anyone to join and participate. Knowledge exchange, market development, and industrialization of the technology were its pillars. But the true cornerstone was the desire to break free from single-company specifications. OPEN Alliance envisioned a world where access to these crucial specifications wouldn’t depend on favoritism or opaque promises, but on an open, fair, and universally accessible framework. By fostering transparent peer review and non-discriminatory access, OPEN Alliance aimed to pave the way for a collaborative future where innovation in Ethernet could truly thrive.


We enable wide scale adoption of Ethernet-based connectivity.


Dedicated to standardizing automotive Ethernet technology, empowering the industry to address critical gaps, innovate, and thrive in an interconnected world.


Agnostic  |  Fair  |  Accountable  |  Transparent


Angela Yeh
Angela Yeh
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. logo Director of Project Management; Product Manager of Automotive Ethernet
Realtek Semiconductor Corporation
Damon Martini
Damon Martini
System Architect
Bosch (Robert Bosch GmbH)
Daniel Hopf 2
Daniel Hopf
Senior Expert High Speed Data Networks
Continental Automotive Technologies GmbH
Everett Collins
Everett Collins
Guenter Sporer
Guenter Sporer
Head of Marketing, Systems and Applications Automotive Ethernet
Hideki Goto
Group Manager of Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation
Jinhwa Yun
Jinhwa Yun
Sr. Research Engineer
Hyundai Motor Company
Josetxo Villanueva
In-Vehicle Network Expert
Oliver Creighton
Oliver Creighton
Vehicle Security Architecture at BMW
BMW of North America, LLC
Samuel Sigfriddson
Samuel Sigfriddson
Concept Owner
Volvo Car Corporation
Sebastian Torfeh
Sebasatian Torfeh
Design Release Engineer
General Motors
Shadgun Chalasani
Shadgun Chalasani
Senior Product Manager
Broadcom Corporation
Timothy Lau
Tim Lau
Associate Vice President, Automotive Product Marketing
Marvell Asia Pte Ltd.
Tobias Belitz
Tobias Belitz
Principal Engineer
Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH