Automotive Ethernet Specifications

The following specifications are available upon request in PDF format. Please complete this online form to begin the process. Please identify the spec(s) required from the below menu. If you wish to receive all specs, simply request "All".

  1. BroadR-Reach® CMC Test Specification
  2. Test Process - ECU and Network test
  3. BroadR-Reach® Interoperability Test Suite
  4. BroadR-Reach® PHY Control Test Suite
  5. BroadR-Reach® PCS Test Suite
  6. BroadR-Reach® Specifications for Communication Channel
  7. BroadR-Reach® Transceiver EMC Test Specification
  8. BroadR-Reach Physical Media Attachment Test Suite
  9. OPEN Alliance Automotive Ethernet ECU Test Specifcation 
  10. Ethernet Switch Requirements