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The OPEN Alliance (One-Pair Ether-Net) Inc. is a non-profit, open industry alliance of mainly automotive industry and technology providers collaborating to encourage wide scale adoption of Ethernet-based networks as the standard in automotive networking applications.Member CompaniesThe member companies of the OPEN Alliance Inc. take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of Ethernet to allow for cost effective communication networks in vehicles with reduced complexity. An Ethernet-based communication network is also a key infrastructure element for future customer functions like autonomous driving and the connected car. Since its incorporation, the OPEN Alliance Inc. has grown to more than 160 members.Key Goals

  • Enable the deployment of the existing IEEE 100BASE-T1,1000BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-RH physical layer specifications with complementing specifications for conformance and interoperability.
  • Complete the eco-system further with requirement and test specifications for harnesses, switches, ECUs, and additional functionalities.
  • Encourage and support the development of new physical layer solutions in a standards setting organization.
  • Continuously identify and address gaps related to the implementation of Ethernet-based communication in automotive.

The TechnologyInterest in one pair Ethernet technology has grown dramatically as the automotive industry accelerates adoption of Ethernet-based networks.

Early adoption of the BroadR-Reach™ Ethernet technology enabled multiple in-vehicle systems (such as infotainment, automated driver assistance and on board-diagnostics) to demonstrate simultaneous access to information over a single unshielded twisted pair cable. The completion of the IEEE automotive Ethernet standards (100BASE-T1,1000BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-RH) built upon that early adoption effort and established automotive Ethernet internationally.

Moving from shared medium bus topologies to a switched Ethernet network provides flexibility and freedom in the implementation of the in-vehicle EE architecture and connectivity to the outside world. Automotive qualified Ethernet technology is engineered to meet the stringent in-vehicle requirements of the automotive industry.
Automotive Ethernet TechnologyOpen Alliance TechologyAs consumer demand for in-vehicle connectivity and advanced driver assistance (ADAS) continues to grow, the automotive industry is under constant pressure to deliver competitive, innovative features while minimizing cost. Automotive Ethernet technology allows multiple in-vehicle systems to simultaneously access information over a single unshielded twisted pair cable. By eliminating cumbersome, shielded cabling, automotive manufacturers can significantly reduce connectivity costs and cabling weight.
BroadR-Reach™ is a trademark of Broadcom Limited in the U.S. and/or other countries

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