Promoter and Adopter Options

Membership in the OPEN Alliance is optimized for businesses in the automotive market. An understanding of Ethernet connectivity in automotive is a necessity  for companies that are interested in establishing Automotive Ethernet as the technology of choice for next generation in-vehicle networking.

Members should be willing and able to help drive and support new interoperability requirements, third party testing, certification procedures and higher data rate specification requirements.

Membership Levels: Promoter and Adopter

Promoter and Adopter members have the same rights in respect to participating in and contributing to the OPEN Alliance technical committees and have access to non-public documents. Promoters have the additional right and the duty to hold a seat on the Board of Directors.

How much does it cost to join the OPEN Alliance?
Adopter members must pay a yearly membership fee of $1500USD.

How can our company become a member of the OPEN Alliance?

  • Complete and return an executed Adopter Membership agreement
  • Provide us with key contact information for the OPEN Alliance Causeway platform (Starting January 16, 2021 Adopters will have unlimited users per company)
  • Submit the annual $1,500USD membership fee

Please return the signed agreement to OPEN Alliance Administration. Once received, OPEN Alliance will send an invoice for membership dues, and once paid membership rights will be given.

Organizational documents for download: