BEAVERTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, BMW, Bosch, Broadcom, Continental, General Motors, Hyundai Motor Company, Marvell, NXP Semiconductors, Renesas, TOYOTA Motor Corporation, Volkswagen, and Volvo Cars announce the incorporation of the OPEN Alliance SIG.

“As a founding member of the OPEN Alliance and a key contributor to the development and proliferation of BroadR-Reach technology in cars, Broadcom has played a pivotal role in driving the adoption of automotive Ethernet standards with more than 200 million ports shipped”

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Since inception in 2011, OPEN Alliance SIG has been instrumental in wide scale adoption of Automotive Ethernet for in vehicle networking and connectivity applications. OPEN Alliance SIG established the very first open automotive Ethernet standard (BroadR-Reach®) technology and has released over 35 standards to date. The standards are now referenced by OEMs and Tier-1s as part of their requirements. Further, OPEN Alliance maintains close ties with other industry standard bodies like IEEE and ISO to optimally proliferate automotive Ethernet.

With its incorporation and newly elected Chair Everett Collins (Volkswagen) and Secretary and Treasurer Tim Lau (Marvell), OPEN Alliance will be membership driven to support forward momentum and enable pieces critical to the growth of Ethernet in the automotive market.

“As a founding member of the OPEN Alliance and a key contributor to the development and proliferation of BroadR-Reach technology in cars, Broadcom has played a pivotal role in driving the adoption of automotive Ethernet standards with more than 200 million ports shipped,” said Dr. Ali Abaye, senior director of marketing for the Physical Layer Products Division at Broadcom. “As we embark upon our second decade of expanding the automotive Ethernet standards and broadening our industry leading automotive Ethernet portfolio, we are excited about the incorporation of the Open Alliance and continued collaboration with the automotive ecosystem partners in advancing the development of next generation PHYs, switches and MCUs to meet the networking needs of tomorrow’s cars.”

“As an established leader in High-Performance Computing, Architecture and Networking, Continental continuously pursues possibilities to foster the adoption of enabling In-Vehicle Networking technologies for the automotive market. OPEN Alliance with its high reputation in creating specifications for Automotive Ethernet is the ideal forum to align Ethernet standards and to push future Continental functions and products: connected, safe, reliable.” – Dirk Abendroth, Chief Technology Officer, Continental

Tim Lau, Senior Director of Automotive Product Marketing, Marvell, said, “Demand for Ethernet-enabled ecosystems will only continue to rise as the automotive industry works to develop autonomous and connected vehicles that rely on in-vehicle networking technologies. Marvell has long been a promoter of the OPEN Alliance and has been heavily engaged in its various technical committees to encourage wide scale adoption of a solution that is not only cost-effective but key to reducing automotive networking complexities. As a legacy semiconductor company that offers the industry’s largest portfolio of secure Ethernet switches and PHYs, Marvell is pleased to be voted into the secretary/treasurer position of the OPEN Alliance board of directors and reaffirms its commitment to developing innovative solutions for the automotive market. We look forward to working with the other board members to further enable next-generation automotive Ethernet networking standards that power the future of mobility.”

“It takes collaboration to deliver high-speed Ethernet networks with the high quality and small electronic footprints required for highly connected and increasingly autonomous vehicles,” said Guenter Sporer, Director of Marketing, Systems and Applications at NXP Semiconductors. “As a founding member of the OPEN Alliance, NXP is proud of the success the alliance has achieved so far. As a leader in In-Vehicle Networking technologies, we are pleased and committed to continue this collaboration with our partners in the OPEN Alliance to drive best practice specifications in order to deliver the transformative power of next generation of Ethernet to the market.”

As a leading and trusted semiconductor supplier to the automotive industry, Renesas is committed to the development of autonomous and connected vehicles. These ever-evolving applications require secure and cost-effective automotive Ethernet innovations, and the OPEN Alliance promoters and members play a key role in driving specifications, representing a large automotive ecosystem. Renesas will continue its Promoter role to contribute to the OPEN Alliance in order to create open standards for the future of the automotive industry.” – Uwe Schaefer, Director, Automotive Core Technology, Renesas

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OPEN Alliance member companies represent a wide range of industry expertise and include leading Automotive OEMs, Automotive Tier-1s, Silicon Providers, Cable & Connector manufacturers, Test Houses etc. Membership allows companies to influence the specifications and early access to the standard specifications. OPEN Alliance Inc. welcomes new members.

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The member companies of the OPEN Alliance Inc. take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of Ethernet to allow for cost effective communication networks in vehicles with reduced complexity. An Ethernet-based communication network is also a key infrastructure element for future customer functions like autonomous driving and the connected car. For more information on OPEN Alliance Inc, please visit