Tech Committees

MACsec Automotive Profile

MACsec is an important addition for onboard network security, development at some OEMs has already begun, but…

  • simplifying (taking away unused options) and making some specific adjustments (e.g. timeouts) is needed for the automotive sector!
  • In particular, the key distribution scheme as specified in MKA gives many options, not all of which are highly suited for application in automotive.

The Goals of TC17 are:

  • Define a clear delta to the published IEEE specs for MACsec (802.1AE) and MKA (802.1X)
  • Develop a strategy for MACsec deployment on 10BASE-T1S (multidrop and peripheral devices)
  • Devise how a key distribution scheme works cross-vendor without compromising security
  • Specify interactions of MACsec with specific network use cases like PTP/TSN, VLANs, diagnostics