TC10 – Automotive Ethernet Sleep/Wake-Up

Automotive networks rely heavily on partial networking in which some segments are hibernated and woken up on demand. TC10 will focus on establishing support for sleep mode and a wake-up mechanism tailored for automotive use cases. 

Chair Information

Cliff Fung
Mehmet Tazebay
Vice Chair

Committee Goals

TC10 specifies the functionality and needs of an Ethernet Sleep and Wake-up concept which includes:

  • Support fast wake-up and wake-up request forwarding to support a global wake-up on layer 1
  • Support controlled link shutdown to hibernate selected parts of network
  • Specify a requirement for global network wake-up time to link-training start
  • Specify an electrical I/O interface for wake/sleep applications
  • Comply with standard MAC interfaces
  • Comply with Autosar network management
  • No unintended wakeup in presence of interference noise
  • Applicable to 10BASE-T1S, 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1 and Multi-G BASE-T1 (if possible also to future twisted pair PHY specs)
1000BASE-T1 Sleep/Wake-up Specification
100BASE-T1 Sleep/Wake-up Specification
10BASE-T1S Sleep/Wake-up Specification