TC12 – Interoperability & Compliance Tests for 1000BASE-T1 PHYs

The specific objectives or milestones that TC12 is currently working towards are related to the conformance test suites, two of which (PCS and PHY Control) are currently in the IP review process which ends on February 1, 2024. And the last one, the PMA test suite, is in its final phase of updating and is expected to have the ballot corresponding to the approval for IP review very soon.

The status of the tasks related to the improvements of the 100Mbit PCS and PHY control test suites is described below.

  • The group went through comment resolution after reviewing various editorial & technical comments and they were all resolved in Q2-CY23.
  • New PCS and PHY control test suite documents will be completed by Q1-CY24. The group will then review the final documents for final approval.
  • The goal is to have the final documents ready by Q1-CY24.

Once these tasks are completed, TC12 will slow down or cease its activities until new feedback arises that requires an update of the specifications.


Chair Information

David Bollati
Mehmet Tazebay
Vice Chair
1000BASE-T1 Physical Coding Sublayer Test Suite
1000BASE-T1 PHY Control Test Suite
1000BASE-T1 Advanced Diagnostic PHY features
1000BASE-T1 System Implementation Specification
1000BASE-T1 Interoperability Test Suite
1000BASE-T1 ESD Device Test Specification
1000BASE-T1 EMC Test Specification for Common Mode Chokes
1000BASE-T1 Transceiver EMC Specification
1000BASE-T1 Physical Media Attachment Test Suite