TC17 – MACsec Automotive Profile

MACsec is an important addition for onboard network security, development at some OEMs has already begun, but simplifying (taking away unused options) and making some specific adjustments (e.g. timeouts) is needed for the automotive sector. In particular, the key distribution scheme as specified in MKA provides many options, not all of which are highly suited for application in automotive.

Chair Information

Oliver Creighton
John Moore
Vice Chair

Committee Goals

  • Define a profile of the published IEEE specs for MACsec (802.1AE) and MKA (802.1X)
  • Develop a strategy for MACsec deployment on 10BASE-T1S (multidrop and peripheral devices)
  • Devise how a key distribution scheme works cross-vendor without compromising security
  • Specify interactions of MACsec with specific network use cases like PTP/TSN, VLANs, diagnostics