TC14 – Interoperability & Compliance Tests for 10BASE-T1S PHYs

Chair Information

Samuel Sigfridsson
Patrick Isensee
Vice Chair

Committee Goals

The goal of TC14 is to enable 10BASE-T1S in an automotive context. This includes:

  • Development of Conformance, Interoperability, and EMC test specifications.
  • Defining Advanced Diagnostic features and a System Implementation specification.
  • Specification of a PMD Transceiver interface and PLCA registers.
  • Specify how Topology Discovery can be achieved.
  • Define and specify a Remote Control Protocol.
  • In collaboration with other TCs support standardization of
    • MII / SPI specification (JWG with TC 6)
    • ECU test specification (TC 8)
    • Channel definition (TC 9)
    • Wakeup / sleep specification (TC 10)
    • Multidrop-MACsec (JWG with TC 17)

Most of the above-mentioned specifications have been published. Currently the TC is working to release the last conformance and EMC test specifications, update some of the first released specifications, continue the collaboration with other TCs to finalize planned deliveries, and to define and specify the Remote Control Protocol. 

Currently working to release: 

  • 10BASE-T1S Interoperability Test Specification (IPR review ongoing)
  • 10BASE-T1S PMA Conformance Test Specification
  • 10BASE-T1S PCS Conformance Test Specification
  • 10BASE-T1S EMC Test Specification for PHYs
  • 10BASE-T1S ECU Test Specification
  • 10BASE-T1S Channel Specification
10BASE-T1S Half-Duplex Interoperability Test Suite
10BASE-T1S System Implementation Specification
10BASE-T1S EMC Test Specification for Common Mode Chokes
10BASE-T1S EMC Test Specification for ESD Suppression Devices
10BASE-T1S Advanced Diagnostic PHY Features
10BASE-T1S PLCA Management Registers
10BASE-T1S PLCA Conformance Test Suite
10BASE-T1S PMD Transceiver Interface
10BASE-T1S Sleep/Wake-up Specification
10BASE-T1S Topology Discovery